Portfolio Management

MK Portfolio provides services for efficient handling of production, distribution and consumption in the short- and long term wholesale power market.

Portfolio Management

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Physical Portfolio Management

MKportfolio handles consumption portfolios and renewable power assets at the short term markets. Providing ancillary services and the marketing of flexible assets are two of our main competences.

Market Access

MKportfolio has a 24/7 trading desk to provide a day ahead and intraday trading access to the customer. Our automated system guarantees a fast and efficient execution.

Green Power

MKportfolio is active in the main European green certificate markets and offers Guarantees of Origin, EECS certificates and Elcertificates. Moreover we deliver physical green power.

IT & Data

The live visualization of the intraday market is a sophisticated tool to assist short term portfolio management. Enhanced live and historical trading data are suitable to develop new trading strategies.
We run trading for quarter-hourly deviations of your consumer portfolios, while reducing their balancing energy costs.
"Since the release of the position paper of the Federal Network Agency, the quarter-hourly management of consumer portfolios is compulsory for balance responsible parties. The quarter-hourly trading on the EPEX SPOT allows cost-effective and transparent fulfillment of this obligation. By marketing the systematic deviations quarter-hourly balancing energy costs can be significantly reduced in addition. The costs to compensate for the systematic quarter-hourly deviations in intraday trading lower than the balancing energy costs.
In addition, the costs are transparent daily measurable and it is not necessary to wait for the settlement of balancing energy costs with more than a month late and the associated uncertainty. We offer you the management of your systematic quarter-hourly consumption portfolio deviations around the clock - 24/7. We bring transparency, reduce your balance energy costs and simultaneously fulfill your obligation to quarter hour sharp balancing group management. "
We trade your EEG forecast deviations - even at night, on weekends and holidays.
You manage direct marketing portfolio, however, you do not want to take care of the market access and active trading in the intraday market segment of EPEX SPOT, or at least not to off-peak times, such as off-peak hours, weekends or holidays? Then you are exactly right with us! We offer cost effective custom solutions, tailored to your needs.
We market your flexibility in production and consumption.
"The strongly growing electricity markets for intraday portfolio balancing - for example, at Intraday Market EPEX Spot - results in numerous new possibilities for portfolio optimization.
And many questions: How best benefit? Is it worth taking part for me?
We have concrete answers for you!"
We offer easy access to the control power market through the integration of your flexible systems in our Mkportfolio control-reserve pool.
Flexible systems with their potential for short-term power adjustment represent an essential value for the stability of the power grid. For the provision of control power, however, exist in addition to the technical requirements high organizational, administrative and information technology requirements. In order to avoid these barriers, we integrate your technical units in our existing control-reserve pool. Due to the existing infrastructure, the pre-qualification can be implemented easily and quickly. All the necessary processes are managed by us.
Johannes Schimler
+49 (0) 30 315 17 19 21
We offer a Day-Ahead market access to buy or sell your spot positions.
The EPEX SPOT and EXAA spot auction is the basis for handling your production and consumption. We offer various different access solutions, also combined with an intraday access.
We provide direct market access to Intraday market at the EPEX SPOT and to trade automated or via out 24/7 desk at the exchange.
Setting the Order jobs working with CSV files that can be generated directly from your trading system. These are stored on one of our FTP server within seconds and automatically placed on the market. They then receive immediate feedback on placed orders and executed transactions. In addition, our market access with respect to the ComTrader advanced functionalities such as modifying and deleting own order. Optionally we can also provide tools for monitoring its own balance group available."
"Speed and flexibility are important characteristics in order to act successfully on the intraday market. With our CxRw.Ftp solution we offer an automated interface that allows you to place orders directly on the EPEX SPOT.
Johannes Schimler
+49 (0) 30 315 17 19 21
Physical green electricity supplies in all CWE market areas.
"We can supply the electricity generated from our power plant portfolio physically in all market areas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It can be done by our Virtual Green Power Plant, the representation of the load profile to an hourly resolution. Market coupling on an implicit process between the Nordic (Scandinavia) and the CWE (CWE = Central and Western Europe) market area allows us the unique assignment of generating capacity towards the consumer. This evidence allows us to place our production on EXAA within the daily green power auctions since 2012.

As a contract basis, we are using the EFET standard contract current or long form confirmations based on the EFET standards. Furthermore, we can respond flexibly to the individual wishes of our customers.

What is market coupling?
Since then, in November 2009, the Interim Tight Volume Coupling (ITVC) was introduced between the Nordic and the CWE market area, the explicit allocation of transmission capacity through market coupling both market areas by independently operating exchanges is replaced (Nord Pool Spot & EPEX Spot). can through the market coupling ITVC therefore the power generated in regenerative generation plant, which was sold on the power exchange Nord Pool Spot in the Scandinavian market area, are simultaneously obtained on the power exchange EPEX Spot market area CWE. The electricity purchased is then fed into the transmission network agreed in Germany and transferred to the balance area of ​​our contractual partner.

More information can be found at www.marketcoupling.com."
A contribution to mitigating climate change.
"We promote the ecological value of the regenerative power of our power plant portfolio in the form of certificates in Europe. We act the following futures and spot products:

- Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in accordance with Article 15 of EU Directive 2009/28 /
- EC in different qualities (ok power TÜV EE TÜV Nord)

Against the backdrop of a European grid of origin are an economically and ecologically useful instrument for promoting renewable energies. Basically GOs from other EU Member States and EEA countries are recognized in Germany. As a participant on EEX we can help our customers to their production guarantees of origin or obligations on electricity labeling hedge long term."
Thomas Eccard
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We offer extensive intraday trading hours, with which you can test new trading strategies and apply historical live.
"The intraday market as a continuous trading platform provides for each commercial product a variety of data. This has enormous potential to evaluate their own trading operations and the development of new trading strategies. Use our intraday trading data, you can analyze your strategies realistically as you complete the order book is available for each commercial product at any point in history. You have the possibility to track the entire trading process. To apply your newfound knowledge on the current trading, we provide you with a URL request any current order book entries still tradable products. You can also calculate so live, to which the average price you can close your current positions."
Our live visualization of the intraday market provides your portfolio managers a valuable platform to observe the entire intraday market.
"The continuous intraday trading is the portfolio manager with major challenges. Prices can go up or down by changing fundamental factors within a short time. Thus, it must be decided individually for each hour or quarter of an hour, when the optimal time to trade their own positions.

Our live visualization of the intraday market helps the portfolio manager, the entire market situation to intuit and to identify price trends of all tradable products quickly. This is achieved through a combination of graphics, which give an overview of the entire market and represent the trade profile of individual products in detail. The individual graphics can be customized to the wealth of information to filter and find the optimal display for the user.

Trading volume: Provides overview of the current market activity.

Trading History: Shows the course of trading for individual intraday products.

All Orders: Shows the total market depth of a commercial product.

Order book depth: Provides an overview of the best open order of the intraday market."
Christopher Koch
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